Do you offer classes?

We do offer one time introductory classes for cub and girl scouts, libraries, and community groups in the local northern New Jersey area. We also offer a short-term residency program to help your kids make a lasting mark on your organization with legacy projects like benches. If you are interested in a more long-term or repeating option, we suggest our woodworking program. We have purchase, lease, and rental options. We equip, train, and support you with everything you need. This allows for your organization to have the sustained impact with woodworking and grow your institutional capacity.

What do you offer for adults?

Unfortunately, we do not offer adult classes or content. We believe the best way to full our mission and vision is focus on schools, camps, and youth programs. Additionally, our product and lesson plans are best suited for 4th to 8th graders. We typically direct interested adults to the  DIY Joint in Hoboken and Wood Joint in Monmouth. They offer adult class and could better serve you. Best of luck with your woodworking goals!

How big is the tool chest?

All our tool chests are designed to fit through any ADA compliant door and stow easily. They measure 36in wide x 30 in deep x 42 in tall when closed and locked.