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Join our webinar this Friday, 11/2 at 11 am ET!

Register now: Why Wood You? Youth Empowerment through Woodworking

Mike Schloff, entrepreneur and founder of Maplewoodshop, answers the question “How can hand-tool woodworking teach kids more than any other program you offer?” Seriously. EOT Co-Founder, Dr. Chris Thurber, will join Mike to uncover the reasons why kit-based arts-and-crafts programs breed behavior problems, but hand-tool woodworking engages, empowers, and enlightens youth and staff alike. Learn how to offer a full woodworking program at your camp, school, or parks and rec using only hand tools and existing staff!

Your current room can be a woodshop today! We train, equip, and support you to teach our  hand tool woodworking program.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to teach kids life skills through portable hand tool woodworking! We’re growing a network of teachers and counselors to use their own space to bring woodworking back.

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Our Reach

We know that empowering kids and teachers with engaging content that is easily implemented is key. Our cutting edge program currently teaches thousands of students in seven schools and nine camps across four states… but that’s just the start. Join our community today!



We have empowered over 2,000 children with life skills such as grit, confidence, and creative problem solving!




Many schools have easily and successfully implemented Maplewoodshop into enrichment, electives and curriculum!




We have partnered with camps of all kinds to bring engaging, innovative, and memorable content to countless campers!

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We train, equip, and support you to teach our hand tool woodworking program. Programs include:

✔ Professional development online and in-person

✔ Tabletop Woodworking Stations that turn your tables into a woodshop

✔ All and only hand tools

✔ Project plans with step by step directions aligned to standards

✔ Support and advice



We train your staff to easily implement your own woodworking program making lifelong memories! We’ve partnered with Expert Online Training to conveniently give you innovative content!



We equip your faculty with the tools and the skills they need to easily implement your own woodworking program bringing it back to school!


“With Maplewoodshop, with woodworking, the kids are highly engaged. And they’re engaged in ways I haven’t witnessed before. They are so focused on what they are making. They are so excited.”

April Browne / Head of Arts Asphalt Green