Woodworking Classes for 6th-8th Graders


Design and build your own project.

Choose from samples or concept your own learning about design constraints, joinery and prototyping.



  1. Learn to use a saw safely and concept your design
  2. Create sketch and make your 3D prototype; decide on joints needed
  3. Lay out shapes needed on project materials; rough cut parts
  4.  Rough cut parts
  5. Start joinery; learn associated tools such as planes, hammers, screwdrivers, dowel based joinery
  6. Progress on joinery getting each piece to work; learn to deal with issues as they arise (and they always do :) )
  7. Dry fit parts; glue up and or final join
  8. Finish project with natural oil, shellac, or polyurathane


Class is limited to 8 students.