Woodworking Classes for 3rd-5th Graders

3rd-5th - finished projects.png

Build your own toys including Jenga style blocks, a helicopter and a small tool tote with hand tools. Grow creativity, learn hand tools, and gain confidence

Kids will work with drills, Japanese pull saws, coping saws, learn how to use templates, sand, measure, and create a one of a kind toy they will treasure for a lifetime. 


Skills we will develop:

  • Learn to cut and shape wood with hand tools.
  • Learn to bind pieces of wood together with glue.  Finish the helicopter with the rasp and different grades of sand paper to obtain a smooth finish.

Tools we will use:

  • Coping Saw, Vise or Hand screws, Pull saw, Rasp, Sand paper, Drill bits ¼ “, 1¼ “, 9/32 “, Egg beater and hand drill, Pencil, Ruler, Glue, Mallet, Pliers.