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Codfish Park Design

Codfish Park Design offers private or small group (friends and/or family) classes for woodworkers of any level age 16 and older. Beginners can start with a simple project like a Classic Tool Tote (two hours shop instruction time and materials - $175) and then move on to more complex projects like a Mallet, a Sliding Top Toolbox, a Saw Bench, or even their own workbench. Our approach is based in hand tools, with some power tools used to help move things along.


The Agency of Wood: multisensory interviews with Art and Crafts teachers in a post-humanistic and new-materialistic perspective

In this article, researchers from the perspectives of post-humanism and new materialism investigate the methodological possibilities and challenges offered by multisensory interviews with Norwegian Art and Crafts teachers regarding their practice theories connected to woodwork with primary school children.

Drills and Skills: Why some educators are putting a new emphasis on woodworking class

A 2007 the Little Hoover Commission, a California state agency, concluded that vocational and shop programs had a positive effect on students: They stayed in school and graduated at rates higher than their peers, and were more likely to pass the high school exit exam and pursue post-secondary education.

Hands-on projects may be best way to teach engineering and technology concepts

A 2009 Purdue University study funded by the National Science Foundation showed that eighth-graders using hands-on techniques in engineering and technology learned more than students who were taught with books and lectures.