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Mike Schloff, of the Maplewoodshop, saw this need, and decided that he was going to do his part to spread the gospel of woodworking to a generation left behind by our need for the newest technology. Mike knew that alone, he could only get tools into the hands of so many kids. Instead he realized that it was far more productive to teach the teachers. With Mike’s program, he is going into schools and camps—in person or virtually—and teaching a new generation of shop teachers.

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Pants on Fire

IT'S PANTS ON FIRE...also known as HAMMER TIME when our contestant tries to HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD and find our LIAR. Instead of BORING you with details, tune in this week for our #WOODWORKING episode! #POF


LifeLong Learning Podcast

"On this episode, I talk with Mike from Maplewoodshop. I recently took a course with Mike to learn how to use hand tools in woodworking and more about this great venture to bring woodworking back to the forefront of lifelong learning. This was a great conversation with Mike and he shared some awesome resources to check out!"


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Make Magazine

Awarded Maplewoodshop 4 awards at the 2017 World Maker Faire in NYC. Click to read more,

NJ Makers Day - Featured Maker

"We quip that woodworking is the original STEAM and still provides a valuable analog STEAM learning experience. Woodworking is all about problem solving and those skills apply to digital problems as well as life." - Mike Schloff

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Woodworking program is pitched to Wall school district

-The Coast Star March 15, 2018

"Mr. Schloff outlined the benefits of the program and posed a question to the board as to whether they remember a woodworking project they made while in school, versus if they remember a paper they had written that same year.

There were multiple calls of yes and smiles when asked to recall a woodworking proj- ect, but not so many to the papers."



Maplewoodshop Teaches Kids and Adults Good, Oldfashioned Woodworking



Want to get your kids away from their electronic screens? Heck, want to get yourself away from your electronic screens? Maplewoodshop may be just the ticket. Local master craftsman Mike Schloff launched Maplewoodshop in 2016, providing woodworking classes for 3rd graders to adults, using the…read more