Foster collaboration, creativity and innovation through woodworking

“Working with Mike has made a dream come true. I have been wanting to start woodworking for the last 10 years and it’s happening this year so it’s very exciting”

Lindsay Calhoun, educator at the school at Columbia University

For 4th-8th grade students, Maplewoodshop offers a turnkey solution for teachers to offer a project-based, experiential, woodworking curricula including professional development, daily lesson plans, ready-to-use equipment, and prepared consumables.

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Integrated Curriculum

Students demonstrate understanding of history of crafts in American society, biology of trees, geometry and ratios, physics of grain direction and joinery, design, tools, and basic woodworking.


Program Features:

  • Professional development/training
  • Class by class lesson plans with skill laddering
  • Mobile tool chest
  • Simple, effective tabletop fixtures that use existing tables and take moments to set up
  • All tools
  • Consumables such as wood prepped for students
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Students enjoy 100% hands on participation, mental presence, integration across subjects, and the ability to take home lasting reminders

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