Why Wood You? Youth Empowerment Through Woodworking

April 10, 12:00PM (That's this Wednesday!)
Register now: http://ow.ly/iyPd50pxf0f

Learn how to offer a full woodworking program at your camp, school, or parks and rec using only hand tools and existing staff!

Join us for this informative webinar! Mike Schloff, entrepreneur and founder of Maplewoodshop, answers the question “How can hand-tool woodworking teach kids more than any other program you offer?” Seriously. 
EOT Co-Founder, Dr. Chris Thurber, will join Mike to uncover the reasons why kit-based arts-and-crafts programs breed behavior problems, but hand-tool woodworking engages, empowers, and enlightens youth and staff alike. 
Register here: http://ow.ly/4IPh50pxf0e

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Maplewoodshop is on a mission to grow life skills in children through collaborative woodworking education.

Over 5,000 kids have unleashed their creativity, developed collaboration skills, and fostered community with the Mapewoodshop program.

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